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Simple LockBox

 Simple LockBox 2.0 is finally here! Lots have changed since 1.5 of Simple LockBox with iCloud support, Touch ID, now using Apple's encryption and SSL technology, and a new look with lots of new features.

Simple LockBox for iPhone, iPad, Touch iPod on iTunes

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Simple LockBox for the Mac is available on the Mac App Store

Only $14.99 so click here to go to the Mac App Store

11/12/2015 - sLockBox Mac 2.2 has been updated on the Mac app store with the fixes to migration of the file to the new location. Download the latest from software update.

Support Page

 October 7, 2015 - Killers Software Receives 2015 Best of Irving Award

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What's New in 2.0

  • iCloud support - Synchronization between all your devices has never been so easy. Turn on iCloud directly from the login screen to push your current file to iCloud or pull down the latest changes before login in. Also, if you decide to remove sLockBox from iCloud your local file still remains.
  • Touch ID support - Once you login into sLockBox on iPhone/iPad you can now use Touch ID to login the next time. It follows the same rules as the passcode screen. If you reboot you must enter your password again or after 48 hours of inactivity in the app.
  • Auto-Apply - With Auto-Apply turned ON, sLockBox will synchronize the most recently modified versions of the data so YOU DON'T have to manually resolve conflicts each and every-time. (Conflicting files will still make you resolve conflicts but will continue to improve this)
  • Resolve conflicts on the iPhone for iCloud if you choose to resolve when syching and Auto-Apply is turned off.
  • Undo - You can now revert changes when editing just in case you accidentally clear out that important password for a website.
  • OpenSSL has been completely replaced with Apple's standard for encryption and SSL transmission of data if your not using iCloud on the local network.
  • You can now remove the top base fields (Website (www.), UserID, Password, and Account No.) if your not going to use them. You can easily add them back by selecting them from the Add Customizable Item
  • To Edit, you must click the Edit button. This is to be preventative in losing change accidentally and you can always revert unsaved changes.
  • Now you can view note only on iPhone/iPad so it fills the entire screen for entering notes. You don't lose any of your other data and you can turn off to edit those fields as well.
  • Logout has been added so you can quickly logout whenever you want to instead of relying on the lockscreen or the auto-locking timer.
  • Sync with Wifi if you set to port 0 will dynamically choose a port for extra security when synchronizing with Mac app.
  • You can now delete when in Search and Recent
  • Search now stays at the top so you can easily get to it when you need it.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.


Simple LockBox Help Page

If you have questions or comments email me directly.

Simple LockBox for iPhone, iPad, Touch iPod, and Mac is simple yet powerful, fast, and easy way to manage your website passwords, and all your private information.

  1. Simple LockBox uses Advance Security Standard (AES), which is considered the most powerful encryption technology to secure your data and used by top banks for online transactions.
  2. Simple LockBox goes a step further by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for added security when syncing your data from the device (iPhone, iPad, Touch iPod) to the desktop app. No other app provides this added level of security protection for your data.
  3. Simple LockBox was built and designed from the ground up to be Operating System Independent, sharing the majority of the code between Mac, iPhone, iPad, Touch iPod and Windows.
  4. Simple LockBox keeps things simple. There are no categories because how many credit cards are you going to have maybe 5?, how many bank accounts maybe 3?, how many insurance companies maybe 3? With Simple Lockbox, just like Contacts it is as simple a A thru Z. Most security apps make you fumble thru a maze of categories and types just to log into a website.
  5. Simple LockBox uses the built-in Safari (Mac/iPhone) Explorer (Windows) web browser to provide for a safe and secure web browsing experience using Simple LockBox's auto-fill feature.
  6. Simple LockBox goes a step further for those complex websites with its Grab feature to allow you to auto-fill more than just User ID and Password.
  7. Simple LockBox is customizable, allowing you to select from most common pre-defined types used:
    • 4 Digit PIN
    • Account No.
    • Combination
    • Credit Card Info
    • Date
    • Email Address
    • Insurance Info
    • Order No.
    • Password
    • Phone No.
    • Secure Field
    • Website (www.)
    • User ID
    • Vehicle/License Info
  8. If the above pre-defined types are not enough, you can define your own type with all the options and settings available giving you the most flexibility. You can even define and On/Off switch if you want too!
  9. Simple LockBox provides for fast searching of your information to quickly find items of interest in your list. The iPhone/iPad app provides for even more options to find exactly what your looking for. Search on Description, What is Shown, and Notes.
  10. Simple LockBox will feel right at home because it was design similar to the iPhone/Contacts App with All, Favorites, and Recent Items lists.
  11. Simple LockBox can even generate complex passwords for your website logins with Uppercase, Lowercase, Special Characters, and Numbers using the best recommended random password generation methods available. IMPORTANT: It is important to use a good password for your app so that you can protect the complex passwords used for websites which protects you against hackers of those sites.
  12. Simple LockBox is intelligent to know if you enter for example: it will automatically place for you when you click on the arrow to go to the website.

Screen Shots in all supported platforms below:

Simple LockBox for iPhone

sLockBox for iPhone    


Simple LockBox for iPad

iPad Screen 1 iPad Screen 2 iPad Screen 3 iPad Screen 4 iPad Screen 5

Simple LockBox for Mac

Mac Screen 1 Mac Screen 2 Mac Screen 3 Mac Screen 4 Mac Screen 5