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Killers VoiceCommand 2.0

Killers VoiceCommand 2.0 By Kenneth Lewis

New Option Killers VoiceCommand 2.0 with Multi-Boxing, full iTunes control, search Amazon, eBay, Google, iTunes, and Yahoo with the power of your voice, more templates added, ease of use enhancements and etc.

Killers VoiceCommand is now Free!  Donations appreciated for maintaining website and any new features that may be added in the future.


Updated KillersVC.exe (8/4/2010) - Just extract and replace KillersVC.exe to the directory where it currently exists.

Download Killers VoiceCommand for Vista or Windows 7 - For support for Vista/Windows 7 read support page for Vista/Windows 7.

Download Killers VoiceCommand for XP - For support for XP read support page for Windows XP

Download Killers VoiceCommand Keybindings AddOn for World Of Warcraft - For AddOn support read WOW AddOn Support Page.

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What's new in 2.0

  • New name (Killers VoiceCommand 2.0), new look, new templates, and new features have been added to Killers VoiceCommand 2.0.  The name Keystroke! has been mistaken for key logger applications and Killers Software is not in the business of making these types of applications only top quality software.
  • More templates have been added to the base package.  Company of Heroes, Warcraft 3, 2Moons, World in Conflict, Runes of Magic, Second Life, Counter Strike, and etc.  Customers who purchased and register on the forum have access to new templates as they are added.  This will change in the future to new templates downloadable from within the program for easier access to new templates.
  • Multi-Boxing has been added to Killers VoiceCommand, giving you the ability to control up to 9 separate characters from one machine.
    • 5 separate instances of a game on a single machine (Not Recommended unless you have a high performance machine). See System Requirements section below
    • 4 separate machines running the same game giving you the ability to control 4 additional characters with each one on their own machine and controlled by the machine running Killers VoiceCommand. (This is the recommended way of multi-boxing as each machine has its own processor and memory)
    • For help setting up Multi-Boxing in Killers VoiceCommand go to the Multi-Boxing Support page.
  • iTunes control is now built into Killers VoiceCommand giving you complete control over iTunes. With the power of your voice and dictation you can do the following:
    • Search for apps, audio books, movies, music, music videos, podcasts and TV shows with your voice using the dictation features of Windows. (NOTE: You must train your voice with Windows so it understands you. The more you train the better it will work.)
    • A wealth of predefined voice commands for controlling all aspects of iTunes.
    • Play and control your favorite playlist.
    • Go to different stores in iTunes to find what you are looking for.
    • New And Noteworthy.  Quickly find out what is free in apps, movies, and TV shows.
    • Control the iTunes window and menus.
  • Amazon, eBay, Google, and Yahoo search voice commands.  Search these websites using your voice and the dictation features of Windows.  (NOTE: You must train your voice with Windows so it understands you.  The more you train the better it will work.)
  • The What Can I Say? dialog has been updated with a host of new features to continue with improving ease of use and speed in loading and creating new templates.
    • New Toolbar has been added with the following features:
      • Quickly find and load a template using the new auto suggestion dropdown.
      • Edit buttons have been added to quickly add, edit and delete voice commands.
      • Show button for quick access to system, open, command sets, emote, Amazon, eBay, Google, iTunes, and Yahoo command sets.
      • Quickly copy selected Voice Command Set to start a new set of voice commands.
      • Find voice commands fast with the new auto suggestion dropdown.
      • Advanced Find allows you to search by voice command or keys to quickly find voice commands you have in a Voice Command Set.
      • Edit Killers VoiceCommand Options quickly with the new button.
      • Edit Speech Properties of Windows to quickly set your microphone when you plug it in with this new button.
      • Drag and Drop voice commands from one category to another category easily.
  • The Voice Command Editor has been improved with the following features:
    • Auto suggestion dropdown has been added to quickly go to a voice command to edit.
    • Auto suggestion drop has been added to the category to quickly assign and create new categories on the fly.
    • The description is now auto-filled when creating a new voice command by pressing the <enter> key in the voice command field.
    • Use Shift State Keys checkbox has been added allowing you to enter Ctrl+), Ctrl+&, Alt+$, Ctrl+Alt+* key combinations.
    • Send To... button has been added to support sending the same key to multiple machines. For one voice command, allows you to control multiple characters that attack differently. For example: Shadow Word for a Healer sends the same key to other machines that control the attack for those characters. For the Warlock, he would attack with Immolate. And for the tank could Charge. I myself, use a Logitech Wireless Wingman (I highly recommend it) gamepad controller to control the tank while I control the other characters.
    • Hold Down checkbox which gives you the ability to hold down a single key for a voice command. It will hold the key down/mouse down until you press the same key/mouse button or say "Cancel Key Down" or "Cancel Mouse Down". This was suggested by customers and Killers Software delivers.
  • Bug fixes and improvements:
    • Fixed the Apply bug when editing a voice command. The What Can I Say? dialog was not updated to reflect the change to the voice command.
    • Fixed a Categories bug.  The Categories list was not updated with new Categories when a new template was added.

New RSS Feeds added to websiteRSS Feeds RSS Feeds have been created for the News and Templates pages to keep guests and Killers Software customers updated to events and new templates. Visit these pages and get your RSS Feed on.

New Templates

The new templates page shows the existing templates that comes with Killers VoiceCommand and any new templates that are added by Killers Software and customers of Killers VoiceCommand

Check out what the download sites are saying about Keystroke! They are impressed. editor team: "Keystroke" has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components. We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future. This is a voice recognition tool for your favorite games!

Watch Keystroke! in action On YouTube


Demo of Importing Keybindings from World Of Warcraft

Using Speech Recognition in World Of Warcraft

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Killers VoiceCommand Features

Killers VoiceCommand has three types of commands:

  1. System Commands - System level commands that control Killers VoiceCommand and the What Can I Say? dialog.  For example to show the What Can I Say? dialog you would just say What Can I Say which displays everything available in Killers VoiceCommand
  2. Command Sets - Command sets are a collection of command phrases that are tied to an application.  A command set phrase starts with the word activate like activate mage or activate eclipse. Each command phrase in a command set contains keystrokes to control a particular aspect of your favorite game or application.
  3. Open Commands - Open commands allow you to open a website or start an application while your playing your favorite game.  Open commands starts with the word open like open t hot t bot for opening - World Of Warcraft Database website.

System Minimum Requirements for Killers VoiceCommand

  1. English-US (United States) setting in the Speech Recognizer and Regional and Language Options set. (These must be set to the same or you will get an error upon starting Killers VoiceCommand). See our support page on how to setup your system to English-US so you don't get the error.
  2. Windows XP Home Edition or greater with Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, or greater.
  3. Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 v2 or greater. NOTE: The installer will download this software if required.
  4. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or greater. NOTE: The installer will download this software if required.
  5. If you are going to Multi-Box on the same machine with multiple instances of games, it is recommended that you have at least a Dual Quad Core system with 12 gigs of RAM and a fast hard drive 7300 RPM or better. See processor and memory requirements of the game you want to multi-box and multiply that requirement by how many instances you want to control.

After Downloading Killers VoiceCommand visit the Support Page to get up and running with Microsoft Speech Recognition and Killers VoiceCommand

Killers Software now has a forum where you can talk about the new Killers VoiceCommand, games your playing, share templates, and come up with new ideas for Killers VoiceCommand to make it the best voice recognition software out there.