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Killers Software is dedicated to making great software like the Simple LockBox security app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Mac and the free Killers VoiceCommand voice recognition software for playing your favorite games.

Tribute To Iron Maiden - Up The Irons!

If your wondering where I came up with Killers Software as the name, I am a big fan of Iron Maiden and it is only befitting to name my software company Killers Software in tribute to such a great band and great music ever since they showed up in the states in the 1980's.

Nothing is better for coding and cardio exercise, than with great songs like Run To The Hills, Rime Of the Ancient Mariner, Fear Of The Dark, The Wicker Man, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, Where Eagles Dare, Stranger In A Strange Land, New Frontier, and the list goes on and on.

If you haven't listen to them in a while, then you should pick up several of their albums on iTunes to refresh your memories.

Their music never gets old and they keep cranking out fantastic albums and DVDs!

Latest Album - The Book Of Souls on iTunes

I want to specially thank Bruce Dickinson (Vocals), Dave Murray (Lead & Rythm Guitars), Adrian Smith (Lead & Rythm Guitars), Janick Gers (Lead & Rythm Guitars), Steve Harris (Bass), and Nicko McBrain (Drums) for providing so many years of hard rockin music enjoyment in my life!

Other great bands

Rush, Megadeth, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Blue Oyster Cult, Pink Floyd, the list goes on and on...


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Kenneth Lewis
Killers Software

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