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 October 7, 2015 - Killers Software Receives 2015 Best of Irving Award

Irving Award Press Release

Simple LockBox for iPhone, iPad, Touch iPod is officially on iTunes

Click here to go into iTunes to check it out!

Simple LockBox for Mac is now available on the Mac App Store

Click here to go to the Mac App Store to check it out!

See main page for further details on Simple LockBox

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Killers VoiceCommand 2.0 is now Free!

Check out the VoiceCommand for details and download the new version.

Keystroke 1.0 makes is debut to the public on 11/18/2008.

Keystroke! 1.5.2 is released to the public on 3/29/2009.  Keystroke! is expanded to have a Template Manager, 40+ templates, Keystroke Editor is expanded to support mouse buttons, special keys, and text commands, Emotes, and categories are added.  Killers Software opens its forum to the users so that they can chat with other users, share templates, talk about games, and share ideas on how to make Keystroke! the best voice recognition software out there.

Keystroke! 1.5.5 is released to the public on 4/18/2009.  Keystroke! is expanded to included to add a World Of Warcraft Add-On that will create a KillersSoftware.lua variables file that can be imported directly into Keystroke!.  This file contains all your key bindings, action bar items, shape shifting items (Druid, Rogue, Warrior, Paladin), pet action items and etc. to control World Of Warcraft with your voice.  People have been asking to make it easy to bring in their existing character information into Keystroke! and now its available.

Killers VoiceCommand 2.0 is released to the public on 2/7/2010 (Super Bowl Sunday - Congratulations Saints).  Killers VoiceCommand 2.0 is a brand new product with Multi-Boxing, full iTunes control, search commands for Amazon, eBay, Google, iTunes, and Yahoo, more templates added to the base set, new features and enhancements included in the product to make it easier and quicker to create voice commands to control your favorite games and applications and etc.  Check out the main page for more detail on what has been added.

Killers VoiceCommand 2.0 is now free on 3/14/2010.  Killers VoiceCommand 2.0 is now free and if you like it please donate to Killers Software in order to maintain the website and any additions that may be added in the future.