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iTunes Voice Commands (Under Construction)

New to Killers VoiceCommand 2.0 is full iTunes control, allowing you to control all aspects of the iTunes window, playing your favorite playlist and searching each of the different stores within the iTunes Store.

Before you can use iTunes, make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes directly from Apple.

Once you have installed iTunes just say show i tunes commands (NOTE: system commands must be enabled to use this voice command.  To enable system commands go to the Options dialog via Tools\Options and uncheck Disable System Commands.)

iTunes Voice Commands

Once you have loaded the iTunes Voice Commands, you have a wealth of commands for getting around iTunes as well as the iTunes Store:

  • To search the iTunes Stores, just say any of the available search commands under iTunes Search Commands that you are interested in finding something.  (NOTE: To use the dictation features successfully in the Killers Search dialog it is important that you train your profile.  The more you train the better it will understand you.)  See the Killers Search dialog support for full help on that feature.