Killers Software

Killers Search Dialog

New to Killers VoiceCommand 2.0 is the Killers Search Dialog that is available to the following voice command sets:

  • show amazon commands
  • show ebay commands
  • show google commands
  • show i tunes commands
  • show yahoo commands

Once you have selected which voice command set, then just say the search command you are interested in finding something.

For example to search for a tale of two cities in audio books of iTunes just say search audio books to bring up the Killers Search dialog.  To start the search in iTunes just say commit search.

Killers Search Dialog

And as a result, iTunes shows you the audio books for "A Tale Of Two Cities".

iTunes Search Results

So if you were in the amazon voice commands you could say search electronics to bring up the Killers Search dialog to search for something in electronics.  For example if you say toasters it will enter toasters in the search edit.  Next you would say commit search to search

Amazon Search

And as a result, it shows you the available toasters from

Amazon Search Results