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Multi-Boxing Support

Multi-Boxing is now in Killers VoiceCommand 2.0, allowing you to control up to 9 separate characters.

There are two types of multi-boxing that you can do in Killers VoiceCommand.

Multiple Machines

Multiple machines.  This gives you the maximum capabilities by allowing you to control up to 4 separate machines from Killers VoiceCommand running on your main computer.

Multiple Machine Setup - In order to control other machines, you will need to install the Killers Server located in the Killers VoiceCommand 2.0\KillersServer directory where Killers VoiceCommand was installed.

Copy both the setup and setupKS to the machine you wish to control the other machine.

Double click on either of these files to start the installer for Killers Server.

Once you have installed Killers Server, just start it and you will have the skull icon in the tray just like Killers VoiceCommand.  Just double click or right click and select Options to bring up the Options dialog.

Killers Server Options

Next, in order to enable Killers Server to listen, just check the Enabled checkbox and then Killers Server will start listening on the Port you specify.

NOTE: Your Windows firewall may ask you to allow Killers Server to listen on the Port you specify.

Next, once you allow Killers Server to listen to a specific port, it will show you the IP Address to use in Killers VoiceCommand in bold below.

Killers Server Connected

Next, go to the Multi-Boxing tab in Options of Killers VoiceCommand where you will be controlling the Killers Server you just started.

Next, select Client radio button to allow you to enable Multi-Boxing options.

Next, select the Send To Machines tab and enter that IP Address as one of the machines you want to send voice commands to.

Next, just check Enable Machine 1, as shown below and that will attempt to connect to the Killers Server that you started on the other machine.

NOTE:  Windows may ask you if you would like to allow Killers VoiceCommand to talk on the Port specified when you checked Enable Machine 1.

That's it!, Now you can go into the What Can I Say? dialog and send specific voice commands to the Enabled machines below.

NOTE: Each time you start Killers VoiceCommand you will need to go into Multi-Boxing Options and enable the machines you want to send voice commands to.

Multi-Boxing Options

Next, from within the What Can I Say Dialog? just double click to edit a voice command.

Send To Button

Next, just click the Send To... button to bring up the Send To dialog.

Next, just check off the machines you wish to send voice command too.

That's it, now you can control multiple characters on the same machine and other machines from a single machine.

Send To Dialog

Multiple Processes

Multiple instances of a game on the same machine.  (NOTE: If you are going to Multi-Box on the same machine with multiple instances of games, it is recommended that you have at least a Dual Quad Core system with 12 gigs of RAM and a fast hard drive 7300 RPM or better.  See processor and memory requirements of the game you want to multi-box and multiply that requirement by how many instances you want to control.)

Next, go into Multi-Boxing tab in Options dialog of Killers VoiceCommand.

Next, select Client radio button to allow you to enable Multi-Boxing options.

Next, select the Send To Processes tab.

Here you can select your Main Process, which is the game that you will be mainly playing in.

Next, select the other instances of games you want to control by selecting the game in Process 1 thru Process 4.

That's it, Killers VoiceCommand will send keystrokes to those other processes.

NOTE: Send To Processes is not the recommended way of Multi-Boxing unless you have a serious machine that can handle running multiple instances of games.  See game memory and processor requirements before running multiple instances of games on your machine.

Multi-Boxing Options - Processes