Killers Software

Second Life

Binding keys to a custom animation in Second Life and then using it in Killers VoiceCommand

In order to voice control an animation you need to perform the following steps in Second Life:

  1. First create a new gesture by right clicking on the Gestures folder in the Inventory window and select New Gesture from the menu.
  2. New Gesture

  3. Now rename your new gesture to so you remember it.
  4. Rename Gesture

  5. Give it a name. I chose My Gesture for this demonstration.
  6. Renamed Gesture

  7. Now right click on My Gesture and select Open from the menu.
  8. Open Gesture

  9. This will bring up information about the New Gesture you created.
  10. Gesture Dialog

  11. Now add a meaningful name for your My Gesture in the Description. I just put My Gesture for that too.
  12. Add a Trigger for the new gesture. I just put /MyGesture.
  13. I also put My Gesture for the Replace With for this demonstration.
  14. Gesture Dialog

  15. Now add a short cut for your new gesture. Here I selected Ctrl F2.
  16. Gesture Dialog 3

  17. Next, click the Start Animation: Wave and drop down the list of animations to choose the one you want to use.
  18. Here, I have selected a custom animation called Club Dance 1
  19. Next, remove the Sound item or whatever is the second item in the list from the list.
  20. Gesture Dialog

  21. Next, add a Wait from the Library
  22. Now check off the until animations are done
  23. Next, add another Animation from the Library and then select it.
  24. Gesture Dialog

  25. Select the same Animation as you did the first time Club Dance 1 for this demonstration.
  26. Next, click on the Stop radio button which will stop the animation and then click Save to save your new key binded gesture.
  27. Now that you have your new key binded gesture just go into Killers VoiceCommand and add a new Voice Command for the Ctrl F2.
  28. In Killers VoiceCommand go to Edit\Add Command.. to add a new voice command for the new key binding Ctrl F2
  29. Keystroke Editor for new gesture

  30. Enter club dance 1 for the Phrase, Club Dance 1 for the Description, Dancing for the Category and click the Record button to record Ctrl F2.
  31. Once you have entered all the information in the Keystroke Editor click the OK button and your ready to use your new gesture.