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Microsoft Speech Recognition Setup on Vista/Windows 7

  1. Under Windows Vista, the first thing you will want to do is set the Speech Recognition Microphone dialog that controls Microsoft Speech Recognition so that it is off and hidden.
  2. Go to the Speech Recognition Options in the Control panel and click the Start Speech Recognition link.
  3. Speech Recognition Options

  4. This will being up the Speech Recognition Microphone dialog.
  5. Microsoft Speech Microphone Dialog

  6. Turn off Speech Recognition by right clicking in the Speech Recognition Microphone dialog and select Off: Do not listen to anything I say.
  7. By turning this off only grammars loaded by Killers VoiceCommand will be active in Windows Vista and the active application.
  8. Now you can simply click the - button in the lower right corner of this dialog to minimize the Speech Recognition Microphone dialog to hide it away from view.
  9. Microsoft Speech Microphone Dialog

  10. This will hide the Speech Recognition Microphone dialog from view but is still accessible from the tray of icons in the lower right hand corner of windows or from the control panel.
  11. Next we will make sure that the Microsoft Speech Recognition is setup and configured to your microphone and voice for ultimate performance.
  12. From the Speech Recognition Options dialog click on the Advanced speech options.
  13. Advanced speech options

  14. This will bring up the Speech Properties dialog.
  15. Speech Properties Dialog

  16. Make sure you have Microsoft Speech Recognizer 8.0 for Windows or higher selected in the Language dropdown.
  17. Next make sure that Run Speech Recognition at startup is unchecked (recommended) so that Speech Recognition isn't started each time you start windows and only when it is needed.
  18. First thing you will want to do is set your Audio Input...
  19. Sound Dialog

  20. Make sure your headset or microphone is checked in the Playback tab
  21. Recording Tab

  22. In the Recording make sure you have your choice of microphone you will be using for Killers VoiceCommand checked off.
  23. Click Ok or Apply to apply settings and close this dialog.
  24. Next we will click on the Advanced... button in the Speech Properties dialog to bring up the Audio Input Settings dialog.
  25. Audio Input Settings Dialog

  26. Make sure you have the correct audio input device selected or use Use preferred audio input device.
  27. Next we will click the Configure Microphone... button to train and adjust the volume of your microphone.
  28. Microphone Setup Wizard Dialog

  29. Select the microphone of choice. I have a headset so I will select Headset Microphone and click the Next button.
  30. Set up your microphone

  31. Next follow the steps in this dialog for your microphone and click the Next button.
  32. Adjust the microphone volume

  33. Now simply read the sentence "Peter dictates to his computer. He prefers it to typing, and particularly prefers it to pen and paper."
  34. Make sure you stay in the green for optimum volume setting.
  35. Once you have read the sentence clearly then click on the Next.
  36. Your microphone is now setup

  37. Click Finish to complete the wizard.