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Killers VoiceCommand 2.0 Help

The support pages is your main source of help for getting Microsoft Speech Recognition and Killers VoiceCommand up and running quickly.

Killers VoiceCommand is currently only available in US-English but Killers Software may support other languages in the future so stay tuned to the News page. See Language Error when starting Killers VoiceCommand to setup your system to US-English in order to use Killers VoiceCommand.

First off, you will need a good quality Noise Reduction Microphone so that Killers VoiceCommand and Microsoft Speech Recognition Software can hear your voice clearly. I recommend and use Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB headset when playing World Of Warcraft. I really like this headset because it has a volume control and a button for easily turning off speech when you need to.

If you have questions about any of the support pages below you can send an email to Killers Support to get answers.

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Getting To Know Killers VoiceCommand

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Microsoft Speech Recognition Setup on XP

Microsoft Speech Recognition Setup on Vista/Windows 7

Setting Up World Of Warcraft for Killers VoiceCommand

Installing and Using Killers VoiceCommand KeyBindings Add-On for World Of Warcraft

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Microsoft Speech Recognition Setup on XP

  1. Under Windows XP, you will need to make sure that the Microsoft Speech Recognition is setup and configured to your microphone and voice for ultimate performance. To do this, go into Control Panel and double click on the Speech icon to bring up the Speech Properties dialog.
  2. Speech Properties

  3. First thing you will want to do is set your Audio Input...
  4. Audio Input Settings

  5. Make sure you have the correct audio input device selected or use Use preferred audio input device. Adjust your Volume... of your microphone.
  6. Next you will need to make sure you Configure Microphone... to train and adjust the volume of your microphone.
  7. Microphone Wizard Step 1

  8. Click Next to get started with testing your microphone and adjusting its volume.
  9. Microphone Wizard Step 2

  10. In this step you just say "I am using Microphone Wizard. It is adjustingthe volume of my microphone."
  11. Once you say that sentence the Next > button will be enabled so you can click it.
  12. Microphone Wizard Step 3

  13. In this step you just say "This papaya tastes perfect" and it will playback what you said. Make sure you stay in the GREEN for optimum volume setting.
  14. Once you are pleased with what you hear the Finish button will be enabled.  Click when you are finished.
  15. If the Microsoft Speech recognition is not picking up a particular phrase that you have set up you may need to adjust settings in the Recognition Profile Settings dialog by clicking the Settings button from the Speech Properties dialog.
  16. Recognition Profile Settings

  17. You may need to adjust the Pronunciation Sensitivity setting to be lower.