Killers Software

Setting up World Of Warcraft for Killers VoiceCommand

In World Of Warcraft, I have setup my key bindings to use only {ALT} key combinations for all the Action Bar Items to make it easier to remember when entering these keystrokes in Killers VoiceCommand

  1. Go to the computer icon in World Of Warcraft
  2. Select Key Bindings
  3. Then go down to BottomLeft Action Button 1 thru BottomLeft Action Button 12
  4. For BottomLeft Action Buttons I have setup keys ALT-1 thru ALT-=
  5. In Killers VoiceCommand I have tie ALT-4 and ALT-5 to a command phrase called drink and eat
  6. WoW Drink and Eat

  7. For BottomRight Action Buttons I have setup keys ALT-B thru ALT-L
  8. For Right Action Buttons I have setup keys ALT-M thru ALT-X
  9. In Killers VoiceCommand I have tied ALT-M to the command phrase called arcane brilliance.
  10. I have also added {F1} before pressing {ALT}m so that it selects my character Killers so I can buff myself with arcane brilliance.
  11. Arcane Brillance

  12. For Right ActionBar 2 Buttons I have setup keys ALT-F1 thru ALT-Insert
  13. Also, I show all my action bars so I can see and put everything I will use and be tied to Killers VoiceCommand command phrases.
  14. To show all your action bars in World Of Warcraft go back to the computer icon and select Interface.
  15. Then select ActionBars in the left hand list.
  16. As you can see below I have everything checked off except Always Show ActionBars
  17. Once you have all your action bars filled up with your abilities I would recommend checking the Lock ActionBars so you don't accidently move things around.