Killers Software

Installing and using Killers VoiceCommand KeyBindings Add-On for World Of Warcraft

After you download the file unzip the contents of the zip file into the AddOns folder directory where you installed World Of Warcraft. This folder exists under World Of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns. Make sure you have a folder called KillersSoftware once you have unzipped the file contents in the AddOns folder.

WoW AddOns Folder

Now that you have the add-on install just go into World Of Warcraft to the AddOns area and enable the add-on for use.

Keystroke KeyBindings

Once in World Of Warcraft the text window will display the following:

Keystroke KeyBindings Chat Window

Just like the text above says just exit World Of Warcraft and the KillersSoftware.lua file will be saved and then you can import this file directly into Killers VoiceCommand.

Import KillersSoftware.lua file

Next, browse to the SavedVariables folder under the WTF\ACCOUNT folder and select KillersSoftware.lua. Once you have selected the KillersSoftware.lua file, just click the Open button and that will load all your key bindings into Killers VoiceCommand and your ready to go.

Note: You can also import the KillersSoftware.lua file from each of your characters in each of your realms. Make sure you have the Character Specific Key Bindings checked in the Key Bindings of World Of Warcraft.

Browse KillersSoftware.lua file

Next, you can review all the key bindings that were imported and modify to your liking by right clicking on a voice command and select Delete... if you wish to not voice enable a particular voice command.

New CommandSet from KillersSoftware.lua

You can also narrow down the list of key bindings brought into Killers VoiceCommand by going to the WoW Options tab in the Killers VoiceCommand Options dialog. To get to the Killers VoiceCommand Options dialog just go to the Tools menu and select Options...

WoW Options

From this dialog you can select what you want to bring into Killers VoiceCommand  I prefer the Optimum Setting so that I don't bring in all key bindings and empty action bar items.

Optimum Setting for Import

And now when I import the same KillersSoftware.lua it only brings in the items I want.

Optimum Import